Charlie Clark

2019 Co-Chair




Cole Woodward

2019 Co-Chair 



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The Business Development Committee assists CHBA in making people aware of the contributions and services that Colorado’s Hispanic legal community provides to the people of Colorado. The Committee also helps provide networking opportunities for Hispanic legal professionals to interact with businesses and individuals who may need legal services.


Amanda Gonzalez

2019 Chair

Contact Charitable Contributions

The Charitable Contributions Committee receives and evaluates requests from organizations seeking the CHBA’s financial support for programs that further the CHBA’s mission, making recommendations to the CHBA Board of Directors. The CHBA makes contributions in the following areas of interest: education, community outreach, and the administration of justice.  To request a charitable contribution from the CHBA, please fill out an application, which can be found here.


Gaby Corica

2019 Chair

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The Communications Committee of the CHBA is responsible for facilitating interactions between the CHBA, its members, and the Colorado legal community. In addition, this committee issues a weekly newsletter detailing the current events and issues affecting the CHBA. The newsletter is a great way to stay informed of the good work being done by the many CHBA committees, as well as our individual members.


Jonathan Booker                                     Patty Herald

2019 Chair                                               2019 Vice Chair

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The Education Committee strives to encourage young Latinos to pursue careers in the legal profession and it works to develop mentoring programs designed to enable young Latino attorneys to reach their full potential.  

Click here to read more about what the Education Committee is doing in 2019!



Bryon Large

2019 Chair




Hon. Andrea Koppenhofer

2019 Vice-Chair 




Contact Ethics

The Ethics Committee provides free, informal consultation to the CHBA Board, as well as members at large, on matters relating to attorney professional conduct, conflicts of interest and ethics issues. While not intended to take the place of formal legal representation when the circumstances require, the Committee is in a position to provide limited, practical advice to our members on these issues.


The Fundraising Committee is dedicated to developing new and expanding existing sources of funds for CHBA and the CHBA Foundation in order to further CHBA’s mission and community outreach, and to fund scholarships for Hispanic law students at Colorado’s two law schools.


As the Board’s only non-lawyer member, this committee is encouraged to recruit more non-lawyer administrative staff to join the CHBA. Such efforts help to improve and diversify the CHBA’s ranks. The focus of this committee is to show that the CHBA is an organization meant to help everyone in the Hispanic community. In accomplishing this goal, the main focus has been in participating in Legal Nights, a twice-monthly legal clinic, which provides legal guidance and resources to any person who walks in seeking it. This committee works closely with the volunteer lawyers, and therefore, is able to share information and resources in accomplishing committee goals.


Hon. Adam Espinsoa

2019 Co-Chair


LaLonnie Gray

2019 Co-Chair 

Contact Membership

The CHBA Membership Committee works on increasing the membership of the CHBA and maintaining the CHBA’s communication with its members. The committee promotes membership in a variety of ways. It hosts social networking functions including mixers, holiday parties, and other events to benefit members; sponsors a reduced Continuing Legal Education program; and ensures that the CHBA membership has access to information disseminated by the CHBA and its committees.


Ryan Morgan

2019 Chair



Contact Nominations and Endorsements 

The principal goal of the Nominations and Endorsements Committee is to endorse candidates for judgeships and to promote the selection of qualified judges to Colorado’s local, state, and federal courts — particularly candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to equality of all litigants, and who have been involved in, supportive of, and responsive to, Hispanics’ issues, needs and concerns. The Committee also serves as a resource to CHBA’s members seeking appointment, including providing mock interviews based on past interview questions.

In the past, the Committee has partnered with the Colorado Specialty Bar Associations — the Sam Cary Bar Association, the GLBT Bar, APABA, CIBA, and the Women’s Bar Association — to work towards their shared goal of increasing diversity on the bench. The Committee has engaged in dialogue with key decision-makers, and works to encourage qualified CHBA members to apply to fill judicial vacancies. 

To request the CHBA's endorsement, please comply with the Nominations and Endorsements Committee procedures, which can be found here.

Matthew Baca

2019 Vice Chair



Marisela Sandoval                                           

2019 Chair                          


Cynthia Sanchez

2019 Vice Chair


Contact Pro Bono


The Pro Bono Committee serves the disadvantaged, underrepresented, and Hispanic community by providing pro bono legal services to those who face barriers to justice, developing and implementing policy initiatives that enhance access to justice, and building partnerships with groups that share our mission.  The Committee also serves CHBA members by providing ways for members to fulfill their pro bono responsibility, offering professional development and networking opportunities, and hosting CLEs and appreciation events. 



 Carlos Romo
 2019 Chair 

Martina Hinojosa

2019 Vice-Chair 

Contact Public Policy

CHBA’s Public Policy committee serves as the governmental policy and advocacy arm of the organization. Advocacy is non-partisan and focused on issues relevant to Latino lawyers and the Hispanic community. This committee focuses its advocacy efforts on: (1) monitoring national and state legislation that impacts the Hispanic community; (2) providing legal analysis for parties with pertinent policy issues before the Judicial Branch; and (3) analyzing and advocating for policy changes to reflect the concerns of Latino Lawyers and Hispanics.  



Hon. Cynthia Mares Lucia Padilla

2019 Chair                                               2019 Vice Chair

Contact Scholarships                                

The Scholarship Committee works with the CHBA’s Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, to raise money to fund scholarships for law students attending the University of Colorado Law School ("CU") or the University of Denver Sturm College of Law ("DU"). Proceeds from the CHBA’s Silent Auction held during its annual banquet are used to fund these scholarships. In addition, the CHBA has endowed scholarships at CU and DU: (1) the CHBA Scholarship In Memory of Louise Romero at CU; and (2) the CHBA Scholarship in Memory of Larry Manzanares at DU. For more information, or to make a tax deductable contribution, contact Victoria Lovato.


Javier Garcia

2019 Chair 



 Zach Al-Tabbaa
 2019 Vice-Chair


Contact YLD

The Young Lawyers Division is dedicated to supporting the professional development of young and recently admitted lawyers to the practice of law. Our members include those CHBA attorneys who are 35 and younger or have been admitted to the bar within the last five years. We are currently working to provide young Hispanic lawyers with opportunities to learn about the legal profession and to engage law students on various ways to participate in the legal community. Our current activities include social mixers, diversity receptions, continuing legal education classes, sponsorships, and other events organized by CHBA and other bar organizations.

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