Education Committee 2017 Events

  • Spring 2017 lunch and Learn at DU Law School
  • 2017 Fall Lunch and Learns at both CU and DU law Schools - Planning for the Future: Judgeships; CLE – Pathway to a Judgeship (contact Christine for dates).

Need for Volunteers

  • Contacting high schools and middle schools to meet and present to Latino students about the possibility of becoming attorneys. 

Law School Yes We Can

The CHBA takes every oppurtunity to partner and support Law School Yes We Can.  Many of the CHBA board and its members are mentors in the program and we encourage all to get involved. 

Law School Yes We Can is the first law school pipeline program of its kind in Colorado – a program that targets high achieving college freshman from diverse backgrounds and mentors and trains them for four years.  It is also unique because it takes mentoring to a new level.  In addition to helping prospective legal professionals meet the challenges their predecessors faced, the program helps these students (1) identify the unique challenges they will face in the future; (2) cultivate the skills and relationships they need to mitigate competitive disadvantages that can accompany those challenges; and (3) perform at their peak academic, professional, and leadership levels while they are still in college.  Through exposure programs, LAW SCHOOL…Yes We Can will demystify the law school application process and give Fellows access to the legal profession.

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