Nominations and endorsements procedure

The principal goal of the Nominations and Endorsements Committee is to endorse candidates for judgeships and to promote the selection of qualified judges to Colorado’s local, state, and federal courts — particularly candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to equality of all litigants, and who have been involved in, supportive of, and responsive to, Hispanics’ issues, needs and concerns. The Committee also serves as a resource to CHBA’s members seeking appointment, including providing mock interviews based on past interview questions.

In the past, the Committee has partnered with the Colorado Specialty Bar Associations — the Sam Cary Bar Association, the GLBT Bar, APABA, CIBA, and the Women’s Bar Association — to work towards their shared goal of increasing diversity on the bench. The Committee has engaged in dialogue with key decision-makers, and works to encourage qualified CHBA members to apply to fill judicial vacancies. 

To request the CHBA's endorsement, please comply with the Nominations and Endorsements Committee procedures below:

Co-Chairs: Ryan Morgan and Matthew Baca

Contact Ryan and Matt for more information or submit a request. 

A. Inform the CHBA President and/or the CHBA Nominations & Endorsements Co-Chairs of your desire to obtain an endorsement.

B. Provide the following information to the CHBA Nominations & Endorsements Co-Chairs:

    1. The title of the position sought;

    2. The statutory requirements of the position and/or the vacancy announcement reflecting the requirements of the position;

    3. The date by which the endorsement must be received in order to be considered;

    4. The name, title, and address of the person to whom the endorsement letter should be sent;

    5. A copy of your official application and any other materials relevant to your qualifications; and

    6. A brief statement explaining how your endorsement would be consistent with the CHBA's endorsement goals and criteria.

    7. The names and contact information for at least two references who can attest to your commitment to the values and ideals of the CHBA.

C. Each applicant may be asked to attend an interview with the CHBA Nominations & Endorsements Committee.   

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