Public Policy Committee Priorities for 2017

The Executive Committee has identified Immigration, Education, and Affordable Housing as CHBA’s public policy priorities for 2017.  The Public Policy Committee has focused its efforts on these priorities.  

To date, we have drafted the following letters to State House and Senate Committees:

  • To the House Judiciary Committee in support of HB 1268: Concerning Changing the Minimum Jail Sentence for Certain Crimes from One Year to Three Hundred Sixty-Four Days.  A sentence of one year or more triggers federal deportation proceedings.  CHBA supported the bill because reducing the maximum sentence for class 2 misdemeanors, misdemeanors without a fixed statutory penalty, and municipal ordinance violations to 364 days would preclude deportation proceedings for undocumented Colorado residents convicted of such non-violent crimes.
  • To the House Judiciary Committee in support of HB 1230:  Concerning the Protection of Colorado Residents from Federal Government Overreach.  CHBA supported the Bill because it sought to limit the impact of discriminatory federal policies that may infringe on the rights of minority populations, including the State’s Hispanic population.
  • To the House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee opposing HB 1134: Hold Colorado Government Accountable for Sanctuary Jurisdictions.  The bill would have created a civil cause of action against elected officials in the event that they approve sanctuary laws or policies.  The CHBA opposed this bill  because research has shown that sanctuary policies support positive relationships between undocumented residents and educational, law enforcement, and healthcare organizations.  To deter elected officials from approving of such policies may have a negative impact on undocumented and legal Hispanic residents alike.  

The Committee has also collaborated with other organizations on public policy and advocacy efforts concerning the Hispanic community.  For example, we have met with representatives from the Asian Pacific Bar Association, Colorado Bar Association, Colorado LGBT Bar Association, Colorado Women’s Bar Association, Sam Cary Bar Association, and South Asian Bar Association to discuss ways to collaborate on public policy and advocacy efforts.  We also co-authored a letter with several Colorado bar associations, including those previously listed, to Colorado’s congressional representatives concerning cuts to Legal Services Corporation funding.  

On going and Current Projects

Following the conclusion of the General Assembly’s 2017 session, we have shifted our focus to tracking matters before the Colorado Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.  In the event that an issue pertains to Immigration, Education, or Affordable Housing, CHBA will petition to join the matter as amicus curiae.  We ask that all CHBA members contact the Martina Hinojosa with any information that may assist with these efforts.  

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