Interrupting Implicit Bias by Design

  • 15 Jul 2020
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Interrupting Implicit Bias by Design 
How Legal Organizations are Using Inclusion Nudges
Embedding Bias Interrupters

Unconscious bias is the biggest challenge to advancing diversity in the legal profession. While training on unconscious bias is an essential first step, it is not enough to interrupt or eliminate the hidden barriers diverse lawyers experience that cause higher attrition rates. Cutting-edge efforts by legal organizations involve embedding bias-interrupters into processes and procedures. 

Participate in this session to learn how to nudge any process in your organization to make it more bias proof. You will also learn how legal organizations are implementing inclusion nudges to make diversity sustainable and how to overcome potential hurdles you could face in implementing inclusion nudges in your organization.  

This event is free and only offered virtually and live. 
Two complimentary general credits offered.

Kathleen Nalty is a nationally recognized expert in strategies for creating cultures of inclusion to retain and advance diverse talent. She specializes in helping organizations identify systemic issues that cause higher attrition rates for people in already underrepresented groups.

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